​Rick Weeks​   -   ​Painting and Collage


"Rick's painting with collage feature imagery using the traditional collage techniques of paper cutting and glueing combined with painting . His juxtapositioning of images to create unusual and humorous scenes can be both ironic and sometimes unsettling"

Every time I start a new picture, it's the beginning of a new mini-   adventure for me, never knowing how the end result will turn out.​

I spend ages planning and then scaling up or down the images I think will  work and then the fun starts. Usually the working title changes at least a couple of times before the picture is finished

Working in a mixture of painting and collage offers so many alternative paths. The smallest movement or adjustment of an image , can alter the entire mood or story of the picture and is one of the attractions for me. All my work is here is done the 'old-fashioned way' with cut and paste using scissors, scalpel and glue. Most of my collages are approx 25cm x 35cm (A3/A4) or bigger and normally come framed - ready to hang - in a simple black or white square block gallery frame. 

 I'm exhibiting at various locations in and around Worthing and Adur. I will also be showing again in August during the 2017 Arundel Gallery Art Trail as part of the 2017Arundel Festival so please drop by and say hello. 

I live in Arundel and can be reached at  07855724288 or email me at rickaweeks@btinternet.com